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"In order to go on living one must try to escape the death involved in perfectionism." -Hannah Arendt (1906-1975)

13 March 2010

Mox pacem habebo.

My attempt at humor in last entry was not well received. (Then again, it did average the same number of comments that my posts usually accumulate, so perhaps I should count it as a success.)

I haven't updated in awhile; with midterms, papers to write, studying to do, etc. & etc., I have not had an opportunity to do very much of anything. I am short of words this morning, and so I will refrain from using many.

Spring break is (thank God!) less than a week away. I couldn't be more thrilled. Having a bit of time to rest will feel heavenly after the madness of this past week and a half.

Looking forward to seeing you again, Franklin/Nashville. Oh, how I've missed those verdant hills...

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