A Quick Word

"In order to go on living one must try to escape the death involved in perfectionism." -Hannah Arendt (1906-1975)

11 January 2012

Oh dear...

... it really has been quite some time since I wrote anything in here. Why do I even keep blogs, anyway? Clearly I'm never too keen on updating them.

I finished out the semester by the seat of my pants, and am impressed my grades turned out as well as they did. My break was good (in fact, I'm still on it) but went by so fast. I had run myself into such a fever pitch during exam week in order to get everything done on time, that it has taken nearly all of break to wind back down. Oh well.

Big news on the ordination front to come Saturday after I attend a diocesan meeting in Springfield. Here's to hoping it goes smoothly.

Though I know it doesn't seem like it from my current writing output, I've actually got quite a few posts just waiting to be written, sitting in the queue. Hoping I can get them out, as I need to work more on my writing. For though I write often, not much time goes to actually honing the craft anymore, and my mind has seemingly run dry as far as creativity goes. I certainly need to fix that.

Plus, if we're to be honest with ourselves, these kinds of posts aren't interesting or worth your time to read, which I find unacceptable. If I'm going to put something on the internet, it needs to be worthy of some kind of public consumption and comment. I'll work on that...