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"In order to go on living one must try to escape the death involved in perfectionism." -Hannah Arendt (1906-1975)

14 December 2009

Scare tactics.

Why has there been an escalation in crime around campus this past week? It seems like everyday I get a new "CRIME ALERT" email in my campus mailbox, and every new email contains a multiple of the number of crimes it previously featured. It's a bit discomforting, really. (Especially since the crimes aren't petty theft-- they include beatings, unconscious victims, and theft.) Furthermore, they seem to occur at times of day usually considered fairly "safe" (7:15 PM, anyone?). Two people have been attacked, knocked to the ground, and kicked multiple times in the face and torso in between the hours of 7:00PM and 8:00 PM. Scary.

I wish the police would be a bit more proactive than simply "increasing their patrols in the area." Perhaps, "conducting investigations," whether they are actually conducting them or not, would be a better thing to include in the CRIME ALERT emails, as this sounds more man-of-action than does cruising around in one's patrol car. And with the terrifically vivid suspect descriptions we have been given-- two black college-age males, three college-age males in sweatshirts, etc.-- I'm sure that increased patrols are all we need to catch them. I almost expect the next email to say: "Armed robbery at the 300 block of so-and-so street. The suspects were all reported to have faces." Thanks, guys.

But in all seriousness, these muggings, aggravated assaults, and armed robberies are awful. I certainly hope that those who perpetrate these crimes are caught soon. Final exams, it seems, need to end not simply for our sanity, but our safety as well. I would like to come back to a safe campus.

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