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"In order to go on living one must try to escape the death involved in perfectionism." -Hannah Arendt (1906-1975)

20 January 2011

We interrupt this programming...

I'll take a quick break from my "What I've been doing in England" series to bring you this article from the Huffington Post.

Students can't write? They can't think critically? Sounds to me as if they could use more than just an expensive vocational degree, and-- dare I say?-- to take a bit more Humanities courses, where things like writing ability and critical analysis are crucial to success.

Then again, one could just as easily say that the framework exists for the student to obtain and demonstrate proficiency in both of these areas, no matter their major, but that society prizes earning potential and resume builders over knowledge for knowledge's sake.

There are may ways to view this article and the data it presents, and each of them ignite a passionate response from me.

Any thoughts?

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