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"In order to go on living one must try to escape the death involved in perfectionism." -Hannah Arendt (1906-1975)

11 November 2010

I think I'm on to something...

This will be quick and hastily written.

Well, I know I promised that gigantic life-update of a blog, and have certainly failed at delivering it. Yet the reason isn't neglect, but that so much keeps happening in my life that the blog keeps growing larger and larger. Thus, I propose a change in format-- instead of penning one post to rule them all, I will just shoot some quick announcements via this blog as I have the time, as my presence on here needs to grow along with the great happenings of my life.

First announcement, then: I am definitely, totally, for sure going to be studying at the University of York next semester! Naturally, I'm looking forward to it; spending six months steeping in Medieval and Early Renaissance sites while soaking up all of the UK I can... seriously? What's not to like about that.

Second announcement: I continue to waffle on my vocational plans. Part of my hope for my time in England is that I can spend some time reflecting on this, as one of them (BIG ANNOUNCEMENT HERE) has me going to graduate school not for my M.A., but for an M.Div with the intention of taking Holy Orders and entering the priesthood of the Episcopal Church. Been going through the discernment process for this, working closely with Fr. Alan Herbst here in Champaign, who has been a wonderful mentor to me during this time of transition and decision-making. Still want to get my PhD though... and not in Theology.

Third announcement: I've really been stepping up my involvement with Interfaith in Action here on campus. As Facebook will tell you, I had the opportunity to attend an IFYC leadership conference hosted by the White House at Georgetown University. Made loads of new friends, lost my voice for two weeks, and bought a Hoyas t-shirt. Look for some great things happening before the first of the year (some pretty awesome things are afoot).

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